Body painting Pics – Art at its best! |


Body painting Pics – Art at its best!

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It’s not necessary to go nude for a body painting but smaller pieces can also be painted on displayed areas while the rest of the body is clothed. Since the 1960s, the west has seen a spurt in Body painting but the status of Body painting as an art is still argued. Regardless of what people say, the photographs that you are going to look at will sure make you believe that body painting is indeed one of the best and most beautiful forms of art.


# Body Painting and Yves Klein: The beginnings

Back in the 1950s and 1960s, a small art movement kicked off and this involved transferring the paint form the body of a model onto the canvas through rolling. In simpler words, the model would first be covered in paint and then would roll or touch the canvas and other medium for the painting. Anthropometries by Yves Klein is the most famous for this art movement.yves_klein_body_painting_cosmobelleza (1) Source:

Nowadays, Body painting is used not only for protests and promotion but also as a sensationalist and exhibitionist form of art and is well appreciated among art critics. Mainstream body painting works have often been seen influenced by tribal designs as they often constitute Nordic signs and symbols, Aztec designs, Egyptian art style, etc.


Some artists have pushed the boundaries by developing specific styles for Halloween, comic style, Fashion themes, etc.

BodyPainting1 Source:

# Joanne Gair

Joanne Gair, a body painting artist, has been a famous name in t with her works appearing in Sports Illustrated. Gair found fame when she painted Demi Moor for Vanity Fair Demi’s Birthday Suit cover.paint3 Source:

Gair’s disappearing model was also featured in an episode of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

# Youri Messen-Jaschin



A well known artist, Messen-Jaschin often exhibits his beautiful, psychedelic body painting artworks in Nightclubs.

# Johannes Stotter

Body Painting Festival 2014 (1) Source: http:

The frog featured in the image has been created using body painting tactics on five different people. Bet you were mind blown with this!

# Argenis Pinal


This amazing artist have taken over the YouTube, thanks to his great videos. It’s bizarre how he finds different ways to transform himself into a comic version of himself and other famous comic characters with just make and paint. He’s sure revolutionizing Body painting!

# Matt Deifer

11691723505_51b21e3b30_b Source:

Deifer is an Philadelphia based artist who paints and photographs. Running a talent agent called fun town Productions and pushing the edges of live art and photography, Deifer is surely one of the most creative and big names in the body painting industry.

The Astral Black light body painting is one of the most unique pieces in the growing Body painting Industry.

# les Pygmalion’s

bodypainter_s_battle_by_kazimbodypainting-d5u7g00 Source: http:

With very little information available on Les Pygmalion group, it is hard to say anything about their creative talents. But this group has sure managed to woo the world with their astonishing body paintings.

# Comic Characters coming alive by Lianne Moseley


Moseley started out after getting inspired from Argenis Pinal and turned her friend into his own comic version through living painting. After getting compliments on Internet (including one from Pinal!), Moseley delved deeper into this art and went on to transform her own self into Archer, a model into Captain America, etc. She is also demonstrating her talent at the Calgary comic and entertainment Expo this year.

# The Kimono Style Body painting series

4c01fe3a556b477bdfd387c592f6a893 Source:

taking more than seven hours that required the model to stand, this astonishingly real body -painting is a creation of Allison Chow and The beautiful kimono dress painting looks unbelievably real and similar artworks have been exhibited online by the same artists at this official blog.