8 Erroneous Thoughts That Make You Feel Low


8 Erroneous Thoughts That Make You Feel Low

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Are you amongst those who easily get frustrated? Do you feel depressed when anything goes against your will?
Do you often receive suggestions like, ‘Don’t think too much’?

There are many people who ruin their lives by keeping a lot of erroneous thoughts in their minds, whether related to their career, their future, or their personal life and ultimately they gain more frustration and depression.

Here’s a list illustrating few wrongful concepts which most of the people carry, ultimately heading towards depression.

The list also includes the suggestions to conquer anxiety fighting from erroneous thoughts.

1. You need to be liked by everyone

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Some people feel so much neglected and hurt when they do not get the proper attention by the others, they are among those who possess a peculiar mentality, feeling that everyone should like their behavior, praising them.

Somehow, they try to seek everybody’s attention, they may reach up to any extent for getting popularity, while failing in all this they get depressed.

So, if you are among this kind of people, start changing yourself from now, otherwise, your mind will be filled with sadness and anxiety.

2. You should be competent in everything

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This is an entirely wrongful statement, you need not be competent for everything, everyone has his/her own talent, you can not judge someone by a single measure.

So, if you are not good at a particular thing, you need not blame yourself or force yourself towards that thing, rather you should work hard to attain excellence without feeling ashamed.

There are many such people who own amazing skills in a particular field, but they are not all-rounders, and this doesn’t mean that they are less talented as compared to those people who are good at everything.

3. It is catastrophic when things do not go the way you want them to go

It is catastrophic when things do not go the way you want them to goImage Source:

You must prepare yourself for the worst, things would not always appear as you want them.

Life is irrational, anything can happen at any time, no matters whether you are ready for facing it or not.

You must follow Tony Robins’s statement: “What if life was not happening to you but it was happening for you?”

You must think that everything that happens suddenly in life contains a good reason beyond that, sometimes it could turn out to be the most beneficial thing you ever expected.

4. If there is a danger, you should worry about it

If there is a danger, you should worry about itImage Source: 

We should not worry unnecessarily for future happenings as we never know what’s going to happen next.

Worrying about any kind of danger or any problem would just take you towards depression, it would never solve your problem.

So, despite taking so much tension, you must find a way out of it, you should make yourself strong enough to fight that danger.

Mark Twain correctly said: “I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.”

5. You are defined by your past

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Stay away from those people who judge you according to your past.

You are not defined by your past, your present and upcoming future will decide what you are.

So, if you are having a dreadful past, forget it, try to improve yourself for your future.

By doing so you will feel that you are moving towards betterment.

6. People and things should be different from the way they are

People and things should be different from the way they areImage Source: 

This statement is entirely wrongful, no one is going to change according to you.

Still, there are some people who want everyone to act according to them, they get frustrated if someone goes against them.

Always remember, we can not change the mentality of others, we can not modify them according to our comfort, all we can do is that we should change ourselves according to them, so as to adjust them.

7. You can be happy by doing nothing

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Different people acquire different kinds of strategies to achieve happiness, they search happiness outside, but actually, they should feel happiness internally.

You need not employ any method for getting joy and happiness, it all comes naturally when you stay stress-free.
Don’t run for happiness, let happiness run behind you.

8. It is easier to avoid life’s responsibilities and difficulties rather than facing them

It is easier to avoid life’s responsibilities and difficulties rather than facing themImage Source: 

Many of us try to avoid those situations which lead us to difficulties.

Most often, we try to get easier tasks as compared to complicated and time-consuming tasks, we run away from difficulties in order to save ourselves from tough conditions.

But actually, we should try to acquire different strategies to fight with those difficulties, this would help us in learning new methods along with teaching us some important lessons of life.

So, if you also possess this kind of mentality, change yourself now.


Don’t let anger and depression disturb your mind, don’t get demotivated on small issues, try to make yourself strong enough to tackle every kind of situation, by making small changes in yourself you could achieve bigger things, even much more than you want.

Leave all the negative thoughts, try to fight all the difficulties and problems which arise in your life rather than running away from them.

Once you will learn the ways to conquer these fallacious thoughts your life would turn more cheerful.